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ECLS Study

Early detection of Cancer of the Lung Scotland (ECLS)

Test Group

If you are in the lung cancer test group you will be sent yourresults by post within 4 weeks of having the test.

If your test is negative

and you would like to talk to the research nurse about your results, we can arrange for you to have a telephone call or an appointment to do this.

If your test is positive you will be asked to call to make an appointment, as soon as possible, with the research nurse to discuss what happens next.

We will track what happens to everyone in the study for 10 years to see if anyone gets cancer, using information from the Scottish Cancer Registry. This contains details for everyone who gets cancer about the type of cancer and the treatment they have had. This follow up does not mean any further study visits. We might wish to contact you about possible future participation in research but this would be a new approach without obligation.